Changing Gears (and something about Essential Oils) and too many life metaphors about driving and such


I remember when I was first learning how to drive a stick shift as a freshman in college. My first car was a 1972 schoolbus-yellow VW SuperBeetle┬álovingly dubbed "Spunky." Spunky's horn had a deficiency/unsteady pitch which can best be compared to as those screaming goats you see on YouTube,┬áso no one would ever take me seriously. If someone cut me off in traffic and I laid down the horn, the other person would just point and laugh. I could never blame them, it was quite comical. Also, there was … [Continue reading...]

Some lessons I am realizing about myself


I miss writing. Not writing like - typing an overly wordy and dorky/sometimes witty caption on instagram and then pushing it to my Facebook page. I miss sitting in front of the laptop, freely typing all the words as they come to my brain and not worrying about my thumbs locking up or auto-correct chasing what I meant to say. I miss processing and then looking back to remember what I learned from impressions I experienced or the random things I thought or mistakes I made from the past few days. I … [Continue reading...]

how i handled today.


This morning, I woke up early and packed their lunch boxes. Of course I included the avocado slices drizzled in olive oil, and a note for my first born, who requested that I do so. I grinned and hugged my big boys as they raced down the stairs and into the kitchen, all dressed and […]

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1 Corinthians 13


(side note: this post has been sitting in my drafts folder from almost 2 years from the days when I used to blog. My kids are going to school tomorrow. BIG KID SCHOOL. I just mustered up the courage to read over it and although I know it’s not perfect – has way too many […]

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the little years aren’t supposed to be easy. especially in winter. (an unresolved post regarding letting go of the mommy guilt)

a few things i love deeply:
my children. grocery shopping alone.

I am going to sound incredibly selfish over these next several awkward paragraphs, but the fact of the matter is, they need to be written out. Maybe I will hit the “publish” button, or maybe I will wimp out and click “Save Draft” instead. But here it is. Here is my ugly, selfish heart: Staying […]

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